As most of New Canaan has been captivated by the debates and campaigns for the Republican caucus, the Democratic Town Committee quietly endorsed a few candidates for its own July 25 caucus Tuesday night.

Sally Hines, who currently serves on the Board of Selectman, will not seek re-election.

Town Council member Beth Jones will run for Hines' spot.

Another significant endorsement by the DTC is Kathleen Corbet for town treasurer, a post held for more than three decades by Republican V. Donald Hersam Jr., who took over the role in 1965. Hersam is the publisher of the New Canaan Advertiser.

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"So for over 45 years, it has largely been an honorary position," Corbet said. "And candidly, I am not interested in an honorary position, but if the citizens of New Canaan are interested in a more active town treasurer role, (and) if I'm lucky enough to be elected as the newest treasurer in 45 years, I would play an active role in terms of the oversight of the town's receipts and expenditures, to provide complete transparency and accountability for all of these cash flows."

Rounding out the endorsements are John Emert and Joe Paladino for town council, Alison Bedula for the board of education, Wendy Fog for the board of assessment appeals, and Ed Vollmer, Nick Mitrakis, and Cindy Franco for constables.

As of now, there are no DTC endorsements or candidates for first selectman or town clerk, but that could change before July 25.

"Democrats run an open caucus, so any Democrat can come forward at the caucus and put their name forward as long as they have someone to second them," DTC Chairman Ginny Apy said.

Aside from all the endorsements, the DTC thanked Sally Hines for her time in office, which spanned the board of education as well as the board of selectmen.

"She has served us well and she's got things on her plate and is choosing not to run and I appreciate it," Apy said. "But mostly I appreciate all the service (she has) given us."