The NCHS All Sports Booster Club officially kicked off its Dunning Stadium scoreboard replacement campaign last week with the announcement of significant contributions. First, the board of directors of New Canaan Youth Football authorized a $25,000 challenge contribution to the scoreboard fund. The boards of other youth sports organizations have been approached about matching the contribution. One private individual has pledged $15,000 to the campaign, and other significant private contributions are in discussion.

Members of the Booster Club attended the recent New Canaan vs. Darien boys lacrosse game at Dunning and handed out more than 50 contribution flyers to interested spectators. Last Friday another big crowd at Dunning attending the New Canaan vs. Wilton girls game also indicated interest in the project. Ironically, the current scoreboard couldn't keep up with the fast pace of the girls game and literally broke down midway through the second half of the contest requiring boys coach Alex Whitten to announce the score and time remaining during the remainder of the thrilling 16-15 New Canaan victory.

According to the Booster Club, there are multiple benefits to installing a digital scoreboard in Dunning:

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1. Foremost will be the enhancement of the spectator experience for all high school and youth sports contests held in the stadium. Game score, time clock and all other relevant game information will be easily viewed by all in attendance.

2. The digital media driving the board will enable graphics to encourage spectator involvement during the game, celebrate success of the Rams on the field and highlight particular players through profile screens on the board.

3. The ability to generate significant advertising revenue from local merchants will provide annual incremental funding to the Booster Club program. Initial studies suggest that in the first year, $25,000-$30,000 of additional funding will be generated for the Booster Club. This will enhance the club's ability to continue its primary charter of providing funding for additional coaches for all sports in the high school program.

4. Students studying audio visual and media departments at the High School will have additional educational opportunities enabled by the technology associated with the new board.

5. The entire NCHS community will benefit from a live feed of the graduation ceremony streamed over the board in real time in addition to other non-sporting events in consideration to increase the return on investment in the new board.

6. The project also includes a new scoreboard to be installed at the Water Tower turf field which will enhance the spectator and athlete experience for the sub-varsity and youth games played at that location.

A video depiction of the new board can be viewed on the Booster Club's Facebook page at