Republican Mike Murray, who petitioned to get on the ballot for Judge of Probate, beat fellow petitioning candidate Chris McClancey, also a Republican, by nearly 5,000 votes in New Canaan.

Murray, who lives in Darien and works in New Canaan, received a total of 11,546 between the two towns, while McClancey, a Darien resident, received a total of 947 votes.

Murray has said he believes his knowledge of probate work and his experience maintaining his firm's satellite office, make him an ideal candidate.

"My workload involves about 25 to 30 percent probate work," Murray said. "I also have to make daily personnel decisions as I manage the satellite office for my firm."

Murray acknowledged that one of the biggest challenges facing the new Judge of Probate is the merger itself.

"The challenge is finding a way to bring two staffs together," Murray said. "Because I'm used to making daily personnel decisions, merging the two courts will be very similar."