NEW CANAAN — In front of a packed house, with many New Canaan residents having to stand outside the meeting room, the town hall saw the recently elected Town Treasurer, Andrew Brooks, and board of selectmen, Kevin Moynihan, Kit Devereaux and Nick Williams, assume office.

By 5:50 p.m., the board of selectmen had been officially sworn in and Moynihan proceeded to deliver a short speech in which he outlined five key objectives: cell service for the entire town, adequate parking, education, affordable housing for senior citizens and a healthy budget.

“Through their votes, people expressed their trust in our system and their expectations that we will heed their will. The people spoke and their message was clear,” Moynihan said.

“My policy will be to govern with open books, open debates and an open door,” he added.

“I tip my hat to you,” Moynihan said to Devereaux, the Democratic candidate who ran against him for top office. “You ran a terrific campaign, almost too good for my liking,” he said in good humor.

The oath of office ceremony included the Boy Scout Troop No. 70 who commenced the pledge of allegiance and three New Canaan High School seniors who sang the Star Spangled Banner. The ceremony concluded with the entire room singing God Bless America in unison, a show of togetherness that was followed by applause.

Jayme Stevenson, first selectman of Darien, was also in attendance.

Devereaux thought the ceremony was “wonderful.” The only Democrat on the board of selectmen, she added that “times are changing and we are facing issues like financial pressures, the need for phone towers and commuter parking.”

Nick Williams hung around the top floor of the town hall to speak with some of the attendees. Like Moynihan and Devereaux, Williams brought up the issue of phone coverage. “The biggest issue will be the cell phone towers, a safety problem that needs immediate attention. I look forward to working with it and getting sume fresh ideas from the board,” he said.

Keith Simpson, a New Canaan resident, was enjoying some of the reception refreshments. “I thought the ceremony was excellent, it was nice for it to be so inclusive of the whole community,” Simpson said. “It was a reminder of how much better local politics is than at the state and federal level. I believe Moynihan zeroed in on the important issues.”

A local resident who preferred not to be named said the event was a “celebration of being American.” She added that “financing what needs to be done without raising taxes” will be the main issue going forward. “I think this an important change from previous leadership,” she said.

New Canaan resident Ed Libonati was among those at the reception. “It is great to see this, it was a great ceremony especially to see all of the neighbors and friends come out and enjoy this evening. I am excited to see the board working together for the good of the town,” he said. ; @hjuarezrocha