A Danbury man is facing drunk driving charges after an officer found him asleep behind the wheel of his running vehicle on Oenoke Ridge.

Segundo L. Quiroga, 36, was arrested on charges of driving while intoxicated and driving with a suspended license Dec. 1.

Police received a report of a suspicious car sitting in the road at about 4:45 p.m. When the officer arrived, he found Quiroga's car pulled over on the shoulder of Oenoke Ridge, partly in the road. Police said Quiroga was asleep and the car was running and in drive. Beer cans and empty single shot liquor bottles were strewn about the car police said.

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The officer put the car in park, turned off the vehicle and woke Quiroga.

The officer attempted to get Quiroga, who smelled strongly of alcohol, according to the police report, to perform a field sobriety test, but Quiroga refused. Police said his eyes were glassy and his movements were impaired.

Quiroga was released on $250 bond was scheduled to appear in court Monday, Dec. 3. His car was towed.