First Selectman Robert E. Mallozzi III and Selectman Nick Williams today formally announced their candidacy for the Board of Selectmen in November.

Mallozzi and Williams ran independently for their respective offices in 2011 but decided to run and campaign as a team in 2013.

"The major projects we set for our administration -- a renovated Town Hall, improved cell phone service and the tapping of the existing natural gas pipeline in town -- have all been successfully initiated in our first term," Mallozzi said in a press release. "It is important that we shepherd these through to their completion over the next few years."

Williams echoed Mallozzi's words.

"We want to finish the job we started," he said. "Beyond the three primary goals, there is plenty of other work to be done in New Canaan. Maintaining our roads, improving our recreational infrastructure and supporting our local businesses all come to mind. And of course whatever project we take on we must always remain fiscally responsible to our taxpayers."

One accomplishment Mallozzi took particular note of was the increased transparency at Town Hall, as evidenced most recently by the Board of Selectmen's decision to provide the public with the same background briefing materials that it receives for its meetings. He also noted that Town Hall is more inclusive than it has ever been.

"In the last 18 months we have added 47 New Canaan residents to our various boards and commissions who were not previously active in town government," Mallozzi said. "I'm very proud of that number."

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