HARTFORD -- Gov. Dannel P. Malloy is drafting plans for layoffs targeting employees with less experience.

But unspecific programming cuts could also potentially impact veteran workers whose departments were to be abruptly cut.

It's part of an emerging plan to combine job losses and programming reductions to reach $2 billion in savings if state unions balk at concessions.

Speaking to reporters after a meeting of his commissioners, Malloy said Tuesday he is still hopeful that the 43,000 unionized state workers agree to a billion dollars a year in savings and concessions over the two-year budget that starts July 1.

"They would be the biggest part of it," Malloy said of the ratio of layoffs to possible additional budget cuts. "I think there is a recognition on the part of state employees that they've got to play a role. I understand that there may be disagreement on what that represents but by and large I think state employees want to avoid layoffs."

Lacking a deal with employees, Malloy would be contractually obligated to begin sending out layoff notices next week and those with the least experience in state service would be the first targeted for termination.

But if spending reductions hit whole programs, veteran state workers with so-called bumping rights, might find themselves down-sized as well, Malloy's office indicated.

"By the way, when we give a notice, we're hoping that doesn't become an eventuality. I want to reach an agreement. I don't want to lay off anybody," Malloy said.

Larry Dorman, spokesman for the union coalition, said Tuesday that talks still continue with Malloy's team. "Nobody wants to see layoffs," he said in a phone interview. "They have a devastating effect on the economy and Connecticut's economic recovery. That's why we're still engaged and working with the administration to find mutually agreeable solutions."