Mail was out of place and had been rifled through on Brookwood and Devonwood lanes and Canoe Hill Road on Thursday, Dec. 20, and a pair of jeans had been stolen, according to police.

A woman from Brookwood Lane told police she checked her mailbox and found an empty package addressed to a Devonwood Lane home and a credit card solicitation addressed to a Canoe Hill Road home. She contacted those two residences and the Devonwood Lane resident said she had been expecting a pair of jeans, worth $72 to come in the mail, police said.

Officers spoke with the route's mail carrier, who said he had noticed mail in the boxes of homes that were not addressed to them, said police. The carrier said he contacted his supervisor, according to police.

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Police said it is more usual for someone going through the mail for valuables to simply drop unwanted items anywhere, but that this individual may be placing non-valuable mail in other boxes in order to be more covert.