NEW CANAAN — After a career spanning more than four decades, Peter “The Bushman” Bush is leaving radio. At least for the most part.

At the end of December, Bush left 95.9 The Fox, where he was a radio DJ for nearly 10 years, declining an offer to take over the station’s morning show, saying the role, and its accompanying hours, were “not conducive” to the kind of family life he wants to live. Still, the veteran radioman is hesitant to say he’s calling it quits for good.

“I’m not retiring, I’m refocusing. I think the first thing for me to do is take a pause and step back a little bit. Recalculate. Reboot,” Bush said on Thursday.

Bush was born and raised in New Canaan and has lived most of his life in town, in between stints at radio stations

As a kid, he was first drawn to the medium listening to WABC, the biggest Top 40 radio station in the country at the time. Early in his career, Bush landed a job at the legendary station before it became defunct, an experience he called “surreal.” Bush went on the make a name for himself on local stations around Connecticut, before landing at the Fox, which he hopes will continue to draw listeners.

“I love radio, I believe in radio. I believe the Fox has a great future. The station is retooling to be somewhat more hyper-local. They’ve got a new slate of announcers and I think their emphasis on more of a real Fairfield County-centric station is a good move for them,” Bush said.

According to Bush, departing the station was no easy task.

“It was emotional, it really was. I almost lost it. My wife cried,” Bush said of his last show. His last three songs were “One Way Out,” by the Allman Brothers, “Going Mobile,” by the Who, and the medley on the B-Side of the Beatles’ “Abbey Road.”

Now with more time on his hands and a desire to continue working, Bush will focus his attention on other professional endeavors.

“I’m the master of ceremonies, show host and producer for Caffeine and Carburetors (which is currently on hiatus), and I also have a voice over business on the side. I do voice work for a variety of different companies and institutions, things like that. So I’m going to further build the that business,” Bush said.

And though he will no longer be heard daily on The Fox, Bush said listeners have not heard the last of him.

“I left on a positive note. I’m still the staff announcer at the Fox and I may fill in occasionally. I left an open door there.”; @justinjpapp1