The state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection began accepting requests for limited-access permits to hunt deer with shotguns on specific state lands on Jan. 1.

The new "instant award" method for issuing permits to hunt deer on certain state properties and controlled hunt areas was implemented successfully in 2013, replacing the paper application lottery system used historically. Hunters may apply for permits online or at DEEP locations.

The new process was designed to streamline the distribution of deer permits and allow hunters to know immediately whether they were selected for the limited-access area of choice. Available areas and seasons are listed in the 2014 Connecticut Hunting and Trapping Guide and at locations listed at

The likelihood of being selected is different for each area and is based on the number of permits available and the number of applicants. There is less of a chance of obtaining a lottery permit for popular hunting areas. Successful applicants will be able to purchase their permit immediately or at a later date. However, all permits must be purchased by June 30. As in the past, hunters may apply as an individual or as a member of a group. Up to four hunters will be allowed on group applications. Applicants will be able to specify up to six areas and also indicate their preference for the "A" or "B" season.

Starting on July 15, unissued permits will be made available for sale on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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