New Canaan Library will host a BBQ event Friday, June 1, at 7 p.m. Under a tent pitched on the library grounds, guests will savor authentic smokehouse barbecue while listening to live blues music, all in support of improvements to the library's parking areas.

"For several years now, our patrons have told us they want more parking and a parking lot that is safer to navigate for all, including those with handicap permits," Alice Knapp, executive director, said. "The Board of Trustees listened and took action. While plans for an improved building are at the earliest stages, we recognized the need to meet this pressing patron need sooner, and initiated the parking lot project."

The library's parking areas are in dire need of refurbishment and the Parking Lot Project will include the addition of new spaces in the adjacent empty lot the library recently acquired The final result will be 25 additional parking spaces bringing the total to 74, nearly a 50 percent increase. Handicap parking spaces will be moved closer to the library entrance for safety reasons. The entrance off Maple Street will become a two-way driveway eliminating the need to drive through the parking lot to exit the library onto South Avenue. The project is slated to begin as early as July 2012, and will take approximately six weeks to complete with the hope that the work will be finished before students return to school in the fall.

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