NEW CANAAN — More than a year of negotiation came to a satisfying end for proponents of a new and improved library when the New Canaan Library closed Tuesday on the acquisition of a home at 48 South Ave.

The home, owned by Dan Jones, is the last in a series of steps that will allow the library to begin its capital campaign for a total redesign of the library, extending into the lot where 48 South Ave. currently sits.

“We’re attaching our name to that effort and will give all the support we can in whatever way is asked of us from the library,” First Selectman Robert Mallozzi III said on Monday. Mallozzi, along with MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, will be honorary chairmen of the capital campaign.

In all, the property cost $1,475,000, $475,000 of which was awarded by the Board of Finance in September 2016, along with a vote of confidence on behalf of the Town Council. It is the last of four pieces of contiguous land on the library’s footprint.

“It’s exciting. There’s going to be lots of other people involved, but I’m very happy to lend my name and I know Joe is too,” Mallozzi said.

Beginning in 2015, the negotiations involved a dizzying number of library and town personnel, including former member of the library’s Board of Trustees Chris LeBris, Library Executive Director Lisa Oldham, the library’s Board of Trustees President Alicia Wyckoff, Board of Finance Chairman Neil Budnick, and councilmen Bill Walbert and Kevin Moynihan.

Oldham has said the acquisition of the home is important in that it gives the library greater architectural freedom in redeveloping. If not for the purchase, zoning regulations would have confined the redevelopment to the library’s current axis on Main and Cherry streets.

“Through Lisa Oldham’s leadership, I feel the library has been rejuvenated, Mallozzi said. “She’s done a wonderful job laying out a vision and giving the community a good experience. I think the only missing piece is the physical structure of that building.”

Mallozzi and Scarborough will take part in an upcoming fundraiser for for the project in New York City in April.