To the Editor:

The purpose of this letter is to encourage your readers to vote for the Republican slate of candidates on Nov. 7.

We are very fortunate to have a talented group of candidates.

Kevin Moynihan has a wealth of experience on the local scene, as well as state and national levels. He will make an excellent first selectman. Andrew Brooks has transformed the office of treasurer to one of significance, relevancy and responsibility. John Engel and Penny Young bring needed and welcome perspectives and experience to the Town Council. And we will welcome the knowledge and impressive backgrounds and experiences of newcomers Tom Butterworth and Richard Townsend.

As a councilman, I will welcome working once again with Ms. Young and Mr. Engel and I look forward to the valuable relationships and experiences Messrs. Butterworth and Townsend will add. Treasurer Brooks’ independence is a refreshing addition to our town. And Kevin Moynihan has demonstrated an understanding of the needs of the town during his tenure on the Town Council that will benefit all of us.

While I would encourage voting for all Republican candidates, these ladies and gentlemen in particular are being challenged by opposition candidates — candidates who do not share the Republican values of reliance on the individual and limited government and taxation. Give them the voice they need to practice those beliefs and values by voting for them on Nov. 7.

Kenneth Campbell

New Canaan

Editor’s note: Kenneth Campbell is a member of the New Canaan Town Council.

To the Editor:

I am writing in support of Penny Young’s candidacy for the Town Council.

I have known Penny for 20 years and have worked with her on the board of the League of Women Voters for the past 15, including working with her closely to educate the public on town matters and to promote good governance when I was president of the League.

In her role on the Town Council, Penny has been a leader in our community focusing on the same types of issues.

Assigned by the chair of the Town Council to follow the charter provisions for several years, she identified issues ripe for study, discussion and possible change. Ultimately she requested that the Council form a Charter Revision Commission and was selected to serve on that commission. The town voted on those recommendations in our last election.

Penny continues her focus on structuring policies and procedures for good governance by serving on the Bylaws and Ordinance Committee of the Town Council. In-depth research and collegial discussion are hallmarks of her approach to service on the Council.

That is Penny’s approach to all that she takes on. She’s open and available to talk to New Canaan residents, listens carefully to their concerns, and excels at absorbing and synthesizing information in order to craft viable solutions to real problems.

I urge people to vote for Penny as part of a strong Republican slate to continue to address the needs of the town in a fiscally-conservative fashion.

Kathryn Tohir

New Canaan

To the Editor:

Tom Butterworth is running for Town Council — and I support his candidacy.

Tom is a reasonable, energetic and spirited member of the New Canaan community, who is concerned about maintaining the integrity of our town’s political process in the context of fair-minded and rational debate.

He has seen what happens when a few citizens armed with less than fully-baked notions of public safety take on volunteer commissioners who have openly and thoroughly studied the pros and cons of a course of action — it’s not pretty, and Tom wants better for our town. He will listen to the citizens of New Canaan, but he will always seek to support and work cooperatively with our selectmen and the volunteer commissioners who love New Canaan.

Tom Butterworth is a man who brings out the best in others; he knows how to lead, and he knows how to motivate. He brought that spirit to the Gridiron show earlier this year, in his debut as director — in addition to lending his singing and acting talent to the show as a returning member of the cast.

Tom has served in numerous volunteer capacities during his 26 years in New Canaan and always with humility and intelligence. I think he is what we need on our Town Council.

Eric L. Thunem

New Canaan

To the Editor:

On Election Day, I will be casting my ballot for Richard Townsend to become a member of New Canaan’s town council.

Rich and his wife Cathy were two of the first welcoming members of New Canaan when we were considering moving to town and began attending the United Methodist Church three years ago. Rich is a dedicated member of our choir and helps run the monthly outings for New Canaan’s presence at Habitat for Humanity, building houses in Bridgeport. Rich is always encouraging but never pushy to gather us to join him on a given Saturday to help with Habitat.

I often see him walking around town and sometimes bump into him on Elm Street; he’s always in the best of moods.

His wife, Cathy, one of the librarians in the New Canaan Library’s children’s room, told me he’s been educating himself and speaking to many people around town about the issues of cell towers, commuters’ parking and keeping taxes low to attract young families like ours to the community.

Rich is a man of high ethics and is dedicated to making the best decisions for the future success of New Canaan.

If elected, you would be able to reach out to him with your concerns and views and he will listen.

Laura McGeary

New Canaan