Thank you for uniting during Overdose Awareness Vigil

To the editor:

On behalf of the New Canaan Parent Support Group and New Canaan Community Foundation, I thank the people of our town for uniting together during our second annual Community Overdose Awareness Vigil on Aug. 30 in downtown New Canaan.

This event had three goals: 1. To honor and remember those who died too soon; and 2. To come together as a community to openly discuss addiction and pathways to recovery; and 3. Learn how we can all help others to heal.

First, I would like to thank New Canaan Community Foundation, our hardworking Event Committee (Team Orange), our speakers and the many members of our faith community — led by Rob Kinnally of St. Aloysius and Stuart Knechtle of Grace Community Church.

In addition, a special thanks is owed to the town of New Canaan, including: Kevin Moynihan, Tom Stadler, Leon Krolikowski, Tiger Mann, Mose Saccary and Steve Benko.

Also, many thanks to Tucker Murphy and Laura Budd, of the New Canaan Chamber of Commerce; Arnold Karp, of Karp Associates; Megan Ferrell and Rob Schwartz, of St. Mark’s Church; Steve Curtin, of Northeast Tent Productions; Doug Pippitt, of New Canaan Florist; Mike Campbell, of Campbell Tech Designs; Christine Simmons, of Simmons Portraiture; NCHS SLOBs organization, NCHS broadcasting student James Singer; Sarah Klearman and UConn interns Dan Kamzik and Emily Serven. I apologize if I missed someone.

Paul Reinhardt

New Canaan Parent Support Group