To the Editor:

I urge my fellow New Canaanites to join me and elect Kevin Moynihan our first selectman. Why is he best suited for the job? I cite two key reasons: character and competence.

We all want our elected officials to be of good character. But what does that entail? I have known Kevin for many years through our activities in the Exchange Club. (We’re the guys selling Christmas trees in Kiwanis Park.)

The Club’s focus is raising money for local charities, with a focus on preventing child abuse. This cause is close to his heart, and every weekend at Christmastime, in all kinds of weather, Kevin is out there with fellow club members helping families to make their holidays joyous and supporting children and others in our community who are in need. Kevin is also on the board of Getabout, a group dedicated to helping the infirm and elderly live their lives to the fullest. These efforts, among others, demonstrate a man deeply concerned about all members of our community — especially those most vulnerable. This is the character we need in a first selectman.

As to competence, his legal background and success as a town council member, with his policy focus on improving our cell service — vital to all our safety — and parking, which will enhance property values, show a can-do person with vision and drive, working with others to keep our town the best.

We need Kevin Moynihan as first selectman.

John J. Kriz

New Canaan

To the Editor:

The town of New Canaan is fortunate to have Andrew Brooks as its treasurer, and we deserve to have him continue in that position.

During his tenure as treasurer, Andrew has transformed the office from an honorary role into one of significant substance. He has applied his financial experience and leadership skills to implement real changes in the way our tax dollars are managed. Among other contributions, Andrew has enriched the town’s treasury by increasing income from investments, strengthening scrutiny and containment of the town’s expenditures, reducing fees and protecting our AAA bond rating despite Connecticut’s multiple rating downgrades. He has collaborated closely with our Audit Committee, external auditors, and Finance Department officials to propose and implement enhanced internal controls.

I have known Andrew Brooks for over 10 years. He is exceptionally bright, loyal, diligent, hardworking and a team player. Above all else, he is focused on protecting and improving New Canaan values for you.

After having endured financial assaults from Hartford’s tired, counterproductive tax-and-spend policies, it is important for New Canaan’s future that we elect local and state candidates who are dedicated to fiscal responsibility and responsive to the needs of all residents. Therefore, I urge you to vote on Nov. 7 for Treasurer Andrew Brooks and the entire slate of Republican candidates.

William D. Gardner

New Canaan

To the Editor:

While well-serving current members of the Town Council deserve to be reelected, a new candidate, Tom Butterworth, should join their ranks.

Tom is highly qualified and a dedicated member of the community. He has participated in several town activities, such as the Gridiron show and other volunteer programs. He is a leader and now it is time to use his impressive background and talent in official capacity for the benefit of New Canaan.

Tom is very much concerned with the town’s fiscal health and measured growth. His ideas about transparent leadership, effective and safe cellphone coverage, also good governance, indicate that he will be a most valuable member of the team.

Nothing demonstrates his commitment protecting New Canaan’s heritage with controlled growth better then how he restored the town’s oldest house with his wife, Libby, to suit a modern-day lifestyle. His skill will serve the town well in the Town Council.

Laszlo Papp

New Canaan

To the Editor:

It might seem unusual for the son of an outgoing Republican politician to sit down with the Democrat running to be his father’s successor but, on this recent rainy Columbus Day afternoon, that’s exactly what happened. As we sat inside her sunroom, shielded from the weather, I was privy to the story of a remarkable woman, the person I believe most suited for the office of first selectman: Kit Devereaux.

Her story was much more than a list of resume bullets and qualifications. Rather, it was the story about a courageous person who took chances when it counted, forged bonds that have stood the test of time, and daringly explored uncharted paths in life before finding the ones that led her here.

So who is Kit Devereaux exactly?

She’s many things. She’s artistic, a mentor, a former financial professional and a perennial public servant. She has a sincere appreciation for teachers and a deep respect for the law. She’s a luminary with a track record of bringing people together and getting things done. Most importantly, she’s motivated by the core belief that everybody’s opinion, regardless of party, needs to be heard.

With an understanding that consensus building is the only way to make great things happen, Kit will work tirelessly to make sure that all of New Canaan’s residents are represented under her administration. Vote character over party this November. Vote Kit for first.

Robby Mallozzi IV

New Canaan

Editor’s note: Robby Mallozzi IV is the son of New Canaan’s current first selectman, Robert E. Mallozzi III.