Lisher clarifies quotes

on senior driving story

Thank you for the article last week on "Senior Driving: Is it dangerous?" (New Canaan News, Oct. 21). Safety and security in a community that depends heavily on automobile transportation is something we all need to constantly work on.

One of the quotes from me in the article was that "There are obviously a number of people who shouldn't be driving but still are." While the article was focused on aging seniors, I'd like to clarify two points from the interview:

1) People age physically and mentally at all different rates. There are drivers in their 90s who still are safe and competent drivers. Age is not the sole discriminator of driving competence of seniors.

2) "The people who shouldn't be driving but still are" include people of all ages. Those who text or talk on cellphones while driving are clearly a major safety threat to both other drivers and pedestrians. Unsafe behaviors of this type tend to be adults of all ages, but would tend skew to younger ages, below seniors.

Healthy and safe drivers and driving habits are something we all benefit from.

Jim Lisher, chairman

Health & Human Services


Corbet for treasurer: Time for a change

As a registered Republican, I cannot think of a better candidate for New Canaan town treasurer. Kathleen Corbet is exactly what New Canaan needs for town treasurer, and here are the reasons why.

Kathleen is well qualified for the job. Her 25-plus years of corporate experience in the financial industry have prepared her well to address and oversee the responsibilities of the New Canaan town treasurer. Acting from a position of knowledge, Kathleen can provide insights and suggestions to improve New Canaan's financial process. Kathy has served on the Board of Finance (2006-2010) and is well known, well respected and well liked by New Canaan elected and appointed officials and town employees.

With her collaborative sixth sense, Kathleen knows how to reach across the table to find a way to get things done and to solicit support to the town's benefit, as evidenced by her ability to represent the town in the collective bargaining agreement with the fire department in 2010.

Further, Kathleen has the fundamental working knowledge of the issues that are germane to our town's financial management, which is especially desirable during these challenging economic times, i.e. issues that affect New Canaan's municipal bonding, creditworthiness and cash management.

New Canaan should have an active town treasurer similar to those in Darien, Greenwich, Redding, Ridgefield and Wilton.

Importantly, Kathleen brings a personal and professional synergy to the New Canaan town treasurer process of which no other candidate can boast. Kathleen is the ultimate team player. She is the person you want on your side, your team, your committee, and your round table. The town of New Canaan should be thrilled to have the chance to elect a candidate as qualified, intelligent and as well respected as Kathleen Corbet. It is time to cross the party lines and to cast your vote for Kathleen Corbet as New Canaan town treasurer.

Lisa Vasquez

New Canaan

NCCF is the foundation of local charitable giving

I am writing in support of the New Canaan Community Foundation's Annual Appeal and encourage all New Canaan residents to consider participating. Appeal letters were recently mailed, but I wanted to extend my personal request for your support.

Certainly we have all felt the effects of the overall economy on our professional and personal lives. As challenging as it has been for most of us, I can assure you there are many around us who have had an even more difficult time, and the demands for services from area nonprofits are great.

The New Canaan Community Foundation is the one organization in our community that touches virtually every worthy organization that serves our town. NCCF is comprised of a series of funds that support a wide range of townwide needs. Funds like Neighbors United, which supports the vital work of area health and human services organizations that provide needed services to residents. Funds like the Young Philanthropists, which not only supports our community but also is training the next generation of leaders in our high schools. And funds like Touch A Life, which steps forward and supports emergency needs one person at a time.

Taken as a whole, the funds that make up NCCF touch lives across all demographics and needs within New Canaan. I like to think of NCCF as the "Foundation of local charitable giving," where one gift touches many worthy organizations and countless lives.

I realize that many local families have favorite charitable organizations they choose to support. But I also realize there is no organization that has such a broad impact on our community as NCCF.

That's why I am writing to ask that every New Canaan family consider a gift to the New Canaan Community Foundation's Annual Appeal. Together we can make a difference.

Leo Karl III

New Canaan

Kathleen Corbet is the right choice for all

Luckily, New Canaan's town government isn't terribly partisan. You'd have a hard time guessing the party affiliation of most elected and appointed officials, and their votes rarely split on party lines. We're spared the pettiness seen in other towns. I think that's because so many of those who serve are motivated by a sincere desire to apply their expertise to the affairs of our town.

So I was surprised to see James O'Hora attempt to reposition my endorsement of Kathleen Corbet for town treasurer as a partisan one (Letters to the Editor, Oct. 21). Yes, she and I are both Democrats, and Mr. O'Hora is a prominent Republican party official. So what? The reason I support Ms. Corbet has nothing to do with party. It has everything to do with her superior qualifications and my interest in having a town treasurer who keeps an eye on tax money.

It's unfortunate to see appeals to pure party loyalty to ask people to vote against their own interests and award an "honorary" treasurer a 24th term. There ought to be no partisanship in the role of treasurer. Instead, let's save the partisan stuff for next year and elect Kathleen Corbet, the right candidate at the right time for our town.

David Kostek

New Canaan

Editor's note: David Kostek is the vice chairman of the New Canaan Democratic Town Committee.

Support Van Young

for constable

One of the most overlooked elected positions in town is that of constable. Constables have the same powers within their jurisdictions that sheriffs used to have within their respective counties. The usual duties involve serving processes or summonses. Normally, services are arranged through the attorney representing a plaintiff.

This year we have a new candidate running for constable, Van Young. He has been a longtime resident of New Canaan and understands the fabric of our community. He attended New Canaan Public Schools and graduated from Arizona State University.

He is married to Betsy Young and they have two grown children.

After a successful management and sales career with Xerox, Van became a senior-level executive recruiter for over fifteen years with DHR International, Korn Ferry International and Heidrick and Struggles in New York.

Experienced, reliable, honest and approachable, Van Young will make a great constable. We are fortunate to have so many superb candidates running for office and willing to serve New Canaan. I hope you will join me in supporting Van for constable on Election Day.

Judy A. Neville

New Canaan

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