Support Corbet

for town treasurer

I have known Kathleen Corbet for 30 years.

I hired her for her first job as an investment professional, and I have watched her career soar.

A few years ago, I recruited her for a board I chaired.

I really had to say only one thing to my colleagues, "Kathleen Corbet is quite simply the most talented person I have ever worked with."

That encompasses quite a lot, as I have worked for decades in companies with thousands of employees, and I have been the CEO of several of them.

Kathleen honored me by joining my board, becoming the vanguard of a younger generation, and she was instantly accepted by her new colleagues for her leadership, intelligence and integrity.

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We all have friends, and we all have business and professional associates.

Ask yourself which of these you would trust with everything you have.

Who would you ask to manage your affairs if you became disabled?

To whom would you entrust your children?

Whose judgment do you seek in a tough situation?

For me, that list would be very short. Kathleen Corbet would be on top, and she would do her very best, always, to do the right thing, the honorable thing, the smart thing.

Though I no longer live in Connecticut, I did for many years.

I know that the position of town treasurer has nothing to do with politics, and everything to do with energy, integrity and competence. I would vote for Kathleen Corbet were I able to, and I hope her fellow citizens of New Canaan will recognize what a gift is being offered to them.

Brian F. Wruble, C.F.A.

Chairman Emeritus, The Jackson Laboratory

Silvermine should have water release

For the past five years I have watched the Silvermine River flood homes and run bone dry.

This river is controlled by the First Water District.

Why is it management does not lower water levels in advance of known events? Even this spring they waited for the snow to melt and the waters again went over and out emergency spill ways -- on all three dams.

Now I am not an expert, but even my 10th-grader asked, when there was no water release, what these people are thinking.

Sure Irene was bigger then expected, but the day before, the river was bone dry.

There is a pattern here that should be investigated. What water management do they do?

How many times could they have reduced flooding down river by releasing water?

I felt badly about the homes down river constantly effected -- does the First Water District?

I'm a concerned long-term New Canaan resident.

Tread Mink

New Canaan