Before he told me that he is running, I thought that Bill Walbert would be perfect for New Canaan's Town Council. Bill has lived in New Canaan for 23 years.

In that time, he has been a successful business leader and a generous philanthropist. Many New Canaan residents already know him through his wife, Laura, or three children, all of whom were raised here and attended public school here.

Others know him through the finance industry and see him coming and going from his office in town.

But what impresses me is that this very successful businessman, an original partner with a major investment bank, went on from that role to dedicate his considerable talents and energy to New Canaan. He has served as an officer or director for every imaginable town organization (it would exceed the allowable word limit to list them all) from the New Canaan Community Foundation, to Rotary, to the United Methodist Church and the Red Cross.

My wife and I choose to raise our young children in New Canaan in part because of the strong community ties. I cannot think of anyone who would serve as a better steward of that tradition than my friend Bill Walbert. New Canaan Republicans will vote at the caucus on Tuesday, July 16, at the Saxe auditorium. I am glad that I will have the opportunity to vote for Bill Walbert because he is one of the leaders that makes New Canaan a successful community.

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Chris DeMuth Jr.

New Canaan