It is unfortunate that Zira, our New Canaan Police Department K-9, had to retire. She would have sniffed out the thief, the conspirators and the cover-uppers who are responsible for using our tax dollars and fraudulently shortening the pension vesting period that resulted in the previous first selectman dishonestly receiving $944 per month in undeserved pension benefits since December 2011.

Kudos to the four courageous and upstanding Town Council members who voted against the shortening of the vesting period from five years to four years. Shame on the six other Town Council members who voted for a cover-up and violated the public trust. Oh, yes, and the Board of Selectmen and the Board of Finance need to examine their capacities (or shall we say inabilities) in how they are able or unable to properly execute their commitments, duties and responsibilities to ensure that town codes, policies and procedures are impeccably adhered to.

At this point, there are more questions than answers. Isn't it amazing that "power corrupts" but "absolute power absolutely corrupts?" Taxpayers of New Canaan, we are once again victims of dishonesty, fraud, cover-ups and sloppiness. Be courageous. Speak out and demand truthful answers from your elected public servants and their appointees in town.

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Fred Chang

New Canaan