Inevitably, anytime one mentions the name of state Rep. John Hetherington with his signature bow tie, eyes light up and a smile forms. The tone becomes warm and reverent. He is considered a true gentleman, charming and with a kind manner, classy but without airs or agenda.

In the Legislature, John became the go-to person especially for any judiciary or election policy issue not only for his vast knowledge and expertise, but because his ethics and integrity are beyond reproach. Voted the most intelligent voice in Hartford, he also had a sense of humor that could bring the house down.

His remark on the floor of the House during a long drawn out debate on obesity and restricting foods allowed to be sold in school will remain an indelible legislative moment of levity. Hetherington said, "The only obesity Connecticut suffers from is the size of its budget." His wit is sorely missed.

After many years of sharing a state House district that included Wilton and New Canaan, John Hetherington and his wonderful family became trusted friends. The Hetheringtons could be depended on to share personal moments of joy and pain. As fellow travelers on the often rocky road of our political journey, the support and understanding John would provide as we faced the many challenges that a political life presents was deeply appreciated

He elevated our system of government and we are grateful not only for his significant contributions to our towns and state but for enriching our lives as a steadfast friend and respected colleague.

You are a good person, John, and we love and miss you. Don't go too far as we need your wisdom and commonsense perspective and look forward to your continued involvement in our community.

State Sen. Toni Boucher


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