After reading about the recent brouhaha at the Town Council, I realize that Mr. Williams has opened whole new vistas that longtime residents like me never thought of: Imagine! Fifty-four years of conforming to town rules, when I could have threatened a lawsuit if I didn't get my way.

Thanks to this councilman, I am considering this option at the town dump. The dump collects chemical wastes just one day a year. Unfortunately, I won't be here that day, so I am considering threatening a lawsuit unless I can deposit my chemical waste on a day convenient to me, say, next Friday. That's the most convenient day for me, so what the heck, why not sue if I can't be accommodated?

The possibilities are limitless. The hours at the kiosk in Mead Park don't suit me; perhaps I'll threaten to sue the entire Park & Rec. Board to keep the kiosk open on my schedule.

So many boards, so many options. I can hardly wait.

P.K. Brooks

New Canaan

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