I don't usually get involved in writing letters, but I felt the inspiration when I saw that Sen. Boucher (R-Wilton) was campaigning for office again. I quickly looked at her political profile online and was amazed to see how many things she has not only accomplished, but protected us from up in Hartford. I asked myself, why would such a noble, kind, enthusiastic woman work so hard for Connecticut? My conclusion is because she believes in what is right, for her family, for her friends, and for the people of this great state of Connecticut.

She is a not a fighter for what is in style at a political moment, but for issues that affect all of us meaningfully. She represents women's issues as effortlessly and passionately as she does while serving on the Legislature's Transportation, Education and Finance committees. She believes in making Connecticut a business-friendly state as it once was while still maintaining a morally environmental compass.

Now I am not going to say I agree 100 percent with all her views or accomplishments, but that goes to show you that she is a woman of all people regardless of political affiliation. She, without influence and with total conscience, votes her mind with the best interests of her jurisdiction, and all of Connecticut in mind.

I feel with total confidence from what I have seen over the years that we need Sen. Boucher representing us in Hartford. To me, any other choice is a distant second choice.

Tom Philippides


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