It is a privilege to write in support of my neighbor and friend, Jeanne Rozel, for membership on the New Canaan Town Council. Jeanne is well-qualified for the position for many reasons. Her business and life experience, her dedication to our community, her innovative ideas and her ability to relate to people make her an ideal candidate.

Jeanne is a longtime resident of New Canaan, has raised two children in our town and been an active volunteer in the schools as well as in Girl Scouts, having received a national award from the Girl Scouts of America for her volunteer efforts. Also, Jeanne has served on the New Canaan Assessment Board of Appeals, as an alternate on the Zoning Board of Appeals, and has served on the Park Slope Condominium Board. In addition to her volunteer work, Jeanne is a successful business woman having worked as a realtor in the New Canaan area for more than 20 years, receiving many honors for her accomplishments.

Jeanne Rozel is involved in community life, constantly working to make New Canaan a better place to live for all residents. She cares about people; I have witnessed her ability to reach out to others in a very personal way. A short time ago, our family experienced the tragic loss of a young family member. Jeanne was with us to provide comfort and care, not only at the time of the tragedy, but also in the difficult days that followed. Even today, almost two years later, Jeanne continues to reach out to our family.

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Jeanne Rozel is proud of New Canaan: our fabulous schools; the community spirit; and the charm that is such an integral part of out town. I know Jeanne will work tirelessly to maintain all that New Canaan residents cherish, and I am confident that she will strive to bring new and innovative ideas for consideration.

I ask you to vote for Jeanne Rozel as a member of the New Canaan Town Council.

Patricia H. Walsh

New Canaan