Speeding on Ponus Ridge

A horrific accident on Ponus Ridge Road has claimed a fourth life in the space of a few years, all of them in the short stretch of road between Rippowam Road and Dans Highway. All of these accidents involved a single car driven by someone living in the immediate area and, in each case, speed appears to have been a factor.

Some 20 years ago, when we were living in the lower part of Ponus Ridge Road, the town turned the intersections at Jelliff Mill and Frogtown roads into three-way stops. Requiring traffic in both directions on Ponus Ridge to stop twice within a mile reduced the speed of most vehicles. Prior to that, one could drive along Ponus from the Stamford line to Pound Ridge without having to stop.

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We now live on the upper part of Ponus Ridge and the speed at which many people drive past our house, a hilly and winding stretch of road, is frightening. There are no three-way stops north of Frogtown. I jog cautiously along Ponus, but will not go out on my bicycle as I do not feel safe. Interestingly, speeds at which people drive between Country and West schools are more moderate as they seem to be aware of periodic speed monitoring along this stretch by the police. I have yet to see a police presence north of Wahackme, the area where we live.

I would suggest three-way stops at certain intersections along Ponus Ridge north of Wahackme to moderate speeds, as was done years ago in the lower section of this road. Consider this: Had southbound traffic on Ponus Ridge been required to stop at the intersection with Dans Highway, three of these lives could have been saved. Is it not time to act?

Robin Fryer

New Canaan