To the editor,

I am pleased to announce that paperwork has been filed with the Secretary of State Office this week to create the New Canaan Taxpayers Association LLC (NCTA LLC).

Look for the NCTA LLC banner and informational table at the Sidewalk Sale on Saturday, July 18 where the membership drive will commence.

A non-voting membership in NCTA LLC will be provided for $20 annually, and a voting membership will cost $40.

The purpose of the NCTA LLC is to create a collective lobbying voice for the taxpayers of New Canaan on state, federal and municipality legislative matters.

An election of a Board of Directors of the NCTA LLC will be held by late September.

Federal laws such as 18 U.S.C. 1346 (incorporated in the RICO Statutes) define the “rights” of citizens to be protected from schemes or artifices of public officials from abridgments of the “intangible right to honest services.”

For more than two decades, the BOE/NCPS administrators have failed to declare to both New Canaan officials or state annual reports:

1. Rental income of school properties

2. Tuitions for a pre-Kindergarten programs being conducted in the three elementary schools

3. Income from “fees summer school programs” deposited into a “Summer Enrichment Fund”.

Last week, evidence was reported to the New Canaan’s Audit Committee Chair, Bill Parrett, that 51 NCPS non-resident teachers were granted permission to attend the school system here at the cost of taxpayers in excess of $850,000.

BOE member Penny Rashin has been asked through a FOI request handed to her at the First Selectman meeting to produce all public records that allow the BOE/NCPS such a “benefit” to non-resident teachers.

NCPS employees/BOE are clearly also governed by the Town of New Canaan Charter’s Section 17.1-17.8 Town Code of Conduct and Conflicts of Interest Ordinance.

Mr. Mallozzi, as First Selectman, has repeatedly refused to perform his fiduciary duty defined in the Town Charter to enforce such ordinances uniformly on all Town employees, appointed and elected public officials.

Join us on Saturday to register as a member of the NCTA LLC or email for a registration form and mailing instructions for membership.

Michael Nowacki

New Canaan