To the Editor:

A group of concerned residents calling itself Citizens for New Canaan formed in response to M2 Partners’ proposal brought before the Planning and Zoning Commission members.

According to the developer’s website, the new Merritt Village WILL consist of four, four-story, elevatored buildings. Two buildings WILL include 63 rental apartments and the other two buildings WILL include 60 condominium units, for a maximum total of 123 residences.

In addition, the builder plans to construct 205 parking spaces — 177 underground plus 28 above ground.

Presently, just 38 apartments exist on this 3.3 acre parcel of land located off Maple and Park streets.

The developer will accomplish his goal if our Planning and Zoning Commission creates a new zoning ordinance to accommodate the builder’s plan. Our current zoning ordinance limits the residential building height to two and a half stories. Many residents want our P&Z Board to preserve our village’s quaint New England charm and deny the application as proposed.

In order to voice our objection, CNC members created an online petition for interested New Canaan residents to sign. The petition reads:

“we, the undersigned residents of New Canaan, CT petition the Planning and Zoning Board to not change our zoning regulations in any way to allow Merritt Village to build their proposed development which we feel endangers our health, safety and welfare.”

Residents may sign the petition at:

New Canaan residents who are concerned about the negative impact this large-scale development will have on the quality of life in our village are encouraged to voice their opposition before the Planning and Zoning Board.

The next P&Z meeting to discuss the Merritt Village application will take place on Thursday, Sept. 22 at 7 p.m. in the Town Hall auditorium. Please come.

For more information, to voice your comments, or to become involved in our group, please email us at

Jack Trifero

Citizens for New Canaan