New Canaan Public Schools saw a substantial increase in kindergarten enrollment, 25 percent higher than expected, according to the Board of Education at its Aug. 20 meeting.

Projections were off by 78 students, a total of 313, entering kindergarten.

Some board members were upset with the large discrepancy.

"If they missed by so much I would ask for my money back," Republican Board of Education member Scott Gress said of Prowda Consulting, the firm that estimated enrollment.

"At the least, I would not hire them again. ... Now we're bringing in two firms for something we could have more accurately guessed ourselves."

Others were more forgiving in their opinion.

"This is not a precise science, and over the previous few years there have been variances in the economy that have broken from old patterns," Superintendent Mary Kolek said.

Over the past couple of years, kindergartens have been outside of the pattern."

Kolek added that there would not be problems accommodating for the extra kindergarteners, saying that the school district looks at enrollment numbers weekly, and that it has made adjustments over the summer.

"We always do multiple-case scenario planning, so we had backup plans. We were able to move our classrooms ... and add the additional staff."

There will be two new kindergarten sections added this year, one at West Elementary and one at East Elementary schools.

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