Below is a statement from Tom O'Dea who plans to run for State Representive, 125th District:

For the past decade, John Hetherington has served New Canaan with honor and distinction as the Representative of the 125th District in the Connecticut General Assembly. He has done an outstanding job trying to bring reason and common sense to our state government. Recently, John has announced his retirement from the legislature. He will be greatly missed.

After considerable thought and deliberation, I am announcing my candidacy to follow in John's footsteps as the representative for the 125th District and to continue his legacy of integrity, hard work and strong advocacy for less taxes and a smaller and smarter state government.

I believe my experience as a member of New Canaan's Town Council since 2005 and as a practicing local attorney for more than 20 years makes me uniquely qualified to represent New Canaan and Wilton in Hartford. I have a number of close friends in the General Assembly -- on both sides of the aisle -- with whom I will work tirelessly if I am elected.

I am proud to have the support of many New Canaan and Wilton residents, including New Canaan First Selectman Rob Mallozzi, Selectman Nick Williams, and all but one of the Republican members of New Canaan's Town Council, in my effort to succeed Mr. Hetherington.

In the coming weeks, I will be setting forth the issues that I believe are of vital importance to our state and our town, as well as the manner in which I intend to address those issues in the legislature. In the meantime, thank you, John, for your many years of exemplary service on behalf of New Canaan and Wilton. If am blessed to succeed you as Representative, I promise to do my best to continue your outstanding legacy.

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