State Rep. John Hetherington, who has served the 125th District since 2002, said he isn't taking his seat for granted even though he has gone unopposed this election. With the voters largely supporting Republicans in New Canaan and the GOP making gains across the country, Hetherington offered up some thoughts on how things have gone this year.

"I'm very encouraged to see Tom Foley going very strong. If he could win it would be a wonderful victory, not just for Republicans either. It would be very significant," he said.

Hetherington also added that while he was disappointed to see Linda McMahon lose he was not too surprised.

"I think we're having a good night," he said. "The outlook will be much better if Foley is able to win. We will have a balance and be able to begin to address this terrible budget."

Hetherington has a long, varied history in New Canaan.

Between 1989 and 1997, he was a councilman. After that he was the chairman of the Board of Assessment Appeals between 2000 and 2003. He served as director of the United Way in New Canaan. Additionally, he also retired from the Naval Reserve as a captain.

Currently, Hetherington is a member of the legislature's Public Health Committee and Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee and Government Administration and Elections Committee.

Hetherington said his constituents should have faith in him because of his accomplishments during eight years in office.

One bill he put forth for "relieved seniors of part of the cost for replacing water connections," he said.

Another focuses on decreasing costs of long-term care insurance.

Hetherington also participated in other environmental bills as well as one that assists abused pets.

He said he hopes to address the economy in New Canaan during his next term.

"I think the overriding issue we have to deal with is the budget," he said. "We need to get our fiscal affairs under control and I will work very hard to bring fiscal responsibility to Hartford."