Last Thursday morning, I drove my son to the New Canaan train station. The blustery cold New England weather finally broke and it was a spectacular sunny morning.

As I exited the station, I noticed Sandy Siegel and Sara Hunt, who were busy planting and weeding a large area of the parking lot. I rolled down my window, waved and exclaimed, "Thanks for doing this! Great job!" Both ladies smiled and waved backed.

Both ladies are members of the New Canaan Beautification League, a dedicated group of volunteers who perform civic beautification throughout our little town.

While I drove to an AAUW board meeting, I thought of some places in town that are designed, planted and maintained by NCBL members: our downtown train station; God's Acre monument; the Vine Cottage; the Center School Bell area; the post office "mail drop;" Morse Court parking area; and 40 or so "triangles" throughout New Canaan. How fortunate we are that these volunteers use their hands in such a skillful and creative way.

When I arrived home from my meeting I searched and discovered that from spring into fall, NCBL members plant and maintain the hanging baskets in the downtown area. How nice these arrangements make our shopping area look. Each spring volunteers meet to coordinate what plant materials would enhance the "triangles." Volunteers plant spring bulbs and annuals for summer color. NCBL pays for the landscape designs, all plant materials, their installation and maintenance. During the winter holidays they decorate the many wreaths which adorn Town Hall, New Canaan Library, post office and high school.

In addition, NCBL offers horticultural lectures, floral demonstrations, plant sales, garden tours and field trips. If you have just a few hours to give, please consider joining NCBL. The rewards are priceless and will be appreciated by so many residents and visitors to New Canaan. As a bonus you will meet and make many "gardening" friends along the way.

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Thank you, New Canaan Beautification League.

Betty J. Lovastik

New Canaan