Members of New Canaan Girl Scout Troop 50493 recently undertook a study of the health and environmental risks posed by cars idling.

Anna Harvey, Louly Kaplan, Julia Koller, and Eliza Posner began by researching the issue of idling to see how it affects us.

After researching the issue, the girls met with the Chief of Police Edward Nadriczny, who spoke to them about the Connecticut laws relating to idling. The girls also interviewed parents waiting in the pickup line at West School to find out what they thought about the issue.

The Scouts learned that idling affects our health, our wallets and that idling for more than three minutes is against the law in Connecticut.

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According to experts, idling pollutes the air and is harmful to our health, particularly children's health.

Idling wastes costly gas: 10 seconds of idling can waste more gas than stopping and starting a car's engine.

After creating a short video and brochure summarizing their research, the girls presented their findings to students and faculty at West School's Fall Care Convention as a Going Green Tip.

The girls undertook the project as a step on their way to earning their Girl Scout Silver Award.