Walter M. Capone, of New Canaan, the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation's chief operating officer, has been selected for the 2013 PharmaVOICE 100.

The annual award recognizes top industry leaders for their positive contributions across sectors such as pharmaceutical, biotechnology, contract research, clinical trial, research and development, patient education, advocacy and more.

Kathy Giusti, of New Canaan, founder and ceo of MMRF, was named to the PharmaVOICE 100 in 2009.

As chief operating officer of MMRF, Capone is focused on accelerating a cure by bringing together researchers and clinicians with the pharmaceutical, biotech and diagnostic industries, as well as government agencies and informatics technology partners.

Capone took a lead role in developing C-MAP, an early-access program with partner Onyx Pharmaceuticals, to make Kyprolis available prior to Food and Drug Administration approval.

"Collaboration and inventiveness define Walter Capone. These are the characteristics that have helped him in contributing to changing the treatment landscape for multiple myeloma patients," stated PharmaVOICE editors.

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Capone has also helped to spearhead the development of the MMRF CoMMpass Study, which involves more than 50 academic and community centers in following 1,000 myeloma patients from the time of their diagnosis through their journey with the disease. To enable the CoMMpass Study, Capone led the development of a pre-competitive consortium of pharmaceutical, biotech and technology companies that, along with all participating centers, agreed to give up intellectual property rights in order to create the richest clinical and molecular database of any cancer available publicly. The comprehensive clinical and molecular data from CoMMpass will be placed in an open-access data portal, which will launch later this year and be available to researchers and clinicians worldwide to drive discoveries and hypotheses to enable precision medicine.

"I am honored to be named to the PharmaVOICE 100 and to be recognized by my peers is such a humbling experience unto itself," Capone said. "I have been incredibly fortunate to work closely with such extremely talented and passionate researchers, scientists and other partners who are accelerating the development of the next generation of myeloma treatments. These efforts would not have been possible without the support of patients who inspire our work, and the efforts of my talented colleagues at the MMRF backed by our CEO Kathy Giusti."

The 2013 PharmaVOICE 100 honorees were selected by PharmaVOICE editors based on thousands of nominations, and judged on their ability to motivate and influence research and development, technology, creativity and strategy -- positively impacting the life sciences industry through their actions. Winners are published in the July/August issue of PharmaVOICE.