One of two permanent art installations at the South Norwalk train station sponsored by the City of Norwalk Parking Authority and the Norwalk Transit District has been installed for the public to enjoy. Visitors to the station can now view the art in the lobby on the eastbound side of the station.

A team of artists, including David Boyajian of New Fairfield, Matt Rink of Redding and Vincent Appel of New York City, created a series of small aluminum sculptures depicting various sites, history and culture of Norwalk.

Appel explained the significance of the art.

"Each of the 17 castings carries a fun personality that tells the visual history of Norwalk. First, Norwalk as a maritime village, rich in the history of oyster fishing and a seafaring life, and second Norwalk as a viable transportation hub of a bustling city. A few examples are an oyster schooner, a buoy and a lighthouse, as well as a hat on a hat box and a factory building."

Kathryn Hebert, administrative services manager for the Parking Authority, said the art is sure to make a visit to the station more enjoyable.

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"The commuting public is in for a real treat. These sculptures are whimsical, interactive displays that the public will be able to not only view but touch, which makes this very magical."

The second project will be a in the tunnel that connects the east and westbound side. There, Norwalk native Duvian Montoya, now of Fairfield, is creating a mural of silhouetted figures depicting the transit history of the SoNo railroad station and the community. This is expected to be completed in early 2012. Funding for this project has been made available through a grant provided by the Federal Transportation Enhancement Public Art Program.

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