NEW CANAAN — The last of this season’s road paving will be commencing on Garibaldi Lane and Sleepy Hollow Road.

On Tuesday, the Board of Selectmen approved a $66,820 project to repave portions of both roads.

“We normally don’t come in and do small sections, but we feel these two sections warrant repairs,” said New Canaan Director of Public Works Tiger Mann.

Mann said the sections in question are near a new development in the area, leading prospective residents to drive down a road in disrepair in order to view $2 million homes.

The original request also included a $5,000 allowance for two officers to patrol the area doing the paving. Mann said he would like two officers particularly for use of their radios in case something goes wrong due to the poor cell phone reception in the area.

“I do like to have the badge and the gun and the radio to be honest,” Mann said. “God forbid there’s a problem.”

First Selectman Robert E. Mallozzi said he’d speak with the police department to determine how many officers to send to the project.

The dates of the paving are to be determined.; @erin_kayata