New Canaan Library's technology and reference librarian, Jon Eriksen, is featured on "The Signal," the Library of Congress' digital preservation blog.

Eriksen was interviewed by a representative of the Library of Congress, recognizing his personal digital archiving campaign for the public.

"Digital literacy," or empowering individuals in using computers for personal and professional development, is a mainstay of libraries' educational offerings, but digital archiving is rapidly becoming the next frontier for the public. People who have ever thrown up their hands in despair after struggling to locate an essential photograph or document recognize the need for better organization, and to preserve and share personal digital memories.

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Eriksen began a personal digital archiving initiative about a year ago with his first workshop at New Canaan Library in fall 2012. What prompted his interest in the topic was his own research for his master's thesis. While interviewing people and browsing through their computers, Eriksen recognized not only the need for better digital organization, but the potential for loss if vital personal materials are not kept safe and accessible.

For information on personal digital archiving classes and other computer classes offered at New Canaan Library, call 203-594-5003.

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