NEW CANAAN — Residents of East Maple Street are not going to have to wait long for proposed changes to their street. According to Assistant Director of Public Works Tiger Mann, the proposed changes to East Maple are cleared and requests are in to move road lines.

“All we have left (is) for them to come out, lay it out and they’ll come in and do work,” said Mann during the police commission meeting on Nov. 16.

Over the past several months, residents on East Maple Street have been pushing for changes to be made to the street, which they felt was dangerous for pedestrians.

After a traffic study, the commission made the decision to eliminate two parking spaces.

They also opted to move the center line down Main Street to widen the East Maple intersection, allowing drivers more space to pull forward when turning.

The commission also voted to relocate the line before the stop sign on East Maple to increase invisibility of pedestrians, as well as move the crosswalk slightly forward.

According to Mann, who became director of public works on Nov. 22 , there is a request in to move all the lines within the next several months. All changes will be made to the street at the same time.; @erin_kayata