NEW CANAAN — The police commission turned down a request to replace the double yellow line with a single yellow line on Silvermine Road, citing national standards and high replacement costs.

At the October police commission meeting, residents asked that the double yellow line, which was recently added when the road was repaved, be replaced with a single yellow line. According to residents, the double yellow line would reduce home value.

Assistant Director of Public Works Tiger Mann said it would be “problematic” to have new paint adhere to the road and to remove the old paint. Mann said he was unsure as to how the old paint would come off and might require grinding off the road, in which case the paint in the middle to form a single line wouldn’t stay. Removing only one line was also out of the question, as one lane of the road would then be noticeably larger than the other.

“People will notice that while driving,” said Mann. “So, you have a couple of issues with it.”

Price was also a factor in the decision to keep the road’s double yellow line. According to Mann, costs to remove both lines and restripe the road would range from $4,000 to $6,000. The road was originally re-paved and painted for $30,0000.

The single yellow line would also violate national standards of the federal highway department. Most states adopt these standards and Mann said there was no need to go against them. Additionally, a tax assessor was consulted and said there would be no change in value to the homes on the road based on the street’s striping.

Based on this, the commission voted to keep the double yellow line.; @erin_kayata