Scott DeiCas, the New Canaan resident and former Weston school bus driver responsible for a 12-hour standoff with police outside his home in July, was issued a continuance in Stamford Superior Court until Jan. 14.

DeiCas, 48, was charged by Weston police with second-degree harassment and third-degree computer crime for allegedly sending a threatening e-mail message to the Weston schools website in August.

New Canaan Police charged DeiCas with 30 counts of second-degree harassment, five counts of second-degree threatening, one count of interfering with an officer, one count of possession of drug paraphernalia and one count of possession of a controlled substance.

The charges stem from the 35 e-mails that DeiCas allegedly sent to various New Canaan officials, including First Selectman Jeb Walker, according to the report. Subsequently, Weston police found sexual images of children on DeiCas' computer and issued a child pornography charge as well. The standoff occurred as police were trying to execute arrest and search warrants at his home in New Canaan.

During his standoff with police, DeiCas refused to leave his home for Weston police, who held an arrest warrant for the former bus driver, charging him with sending an alarming message to a Weston schools website.

Police believed DeiCas was in possession of a few guns, but a search of the home did not turn up any weapons.

On YouTube, DeiCas maintained a profile in which he posted several video blogs discussing his political views and his use of the hallucinogenic drug LSD.

According to his arrest warrant affidavit, DeiCas sent e-mails that said, "Get ready scum ... Prepare for what LSD has planned for you now pig ..."

Four other e-mails resulting in second-degree threatening charges also included the phrase, "How is condoning unconstitutional behavior working out for you. Now I will destroy you weak mentally scum pigs for what you have done to me and David Caulfield," It was not clear who he was referring to.

All e-mails included a five minute video clip showing a Granby, Colo., man's June 2004 rampage with an armor-plated bulldozer as he destroyed more than a dozen buildings, including city hall, a concrete plant and a newspaper office.

He also describes himself as the leader of an LSD revolution to take over the U.S. government.

DeiCas last appeared in court on Dec. 8 where he pleaded not guilty to all of his charges from the Weston and New Canaan police departments. He did not make a plea on the child pornography charge. He is still being held in police custody on a $250,000 and will appear in court Jan. 14.

--John Nickerson also contributed to this report