NEW CANAAN — New Canaan is full of wildlife and it’s important to remain vigilant when it comes coyotes as the fall season begins.

During the month of September, the Animal Control office received nine coyote sightings in town. This was an increase from the reports made in August, though Animal Control Officer Allyson Halm said many residents leave town during the end of the summer.

When residents call, it is helpful that the area of the sighting be described to help officers map out the zones to watch out for.

“The Merritt Parkway and the train tracks are common ground for them,” Halm said. “Coyotes are heading into their breeding season and that accentuates their territorial drive.”

Halm emphasized the importance of having a hazing kit, which can include noisemakers and sometimes reflective tape to scare off coyotes.

“If you’re hiking or utilizing the natural habitat in town, you should always have a hazing tool, air horn or whistle for bears who frequent the area,” said Halm, who has worked in New Canaan since 2015.

Mountain lion sightings have also been reported; the third mountain lion sighting of the year was made last week.

“These guys are pretty aloof,” Halm said, referring to mountain lions and cougars. “We have had three credible sightings over the last six months.”

With the fall season kicking in, Halm constantly urges people take appropriate measures.

“None of these animals want to mess with us, it’s just a lifestyle that we have to grow accustomed to,” she said.