The total value of assessed property in New Canaan as of Oct. 1, 2012, is $8,301,919,279, which is $46,006,407 more than 2011, a 0.55 percent increase, according to documents provided by the Town Assessor's office.

The grand list is the value of all taxable properties in town.

The top 10 taxpayers are:

The Country Club of New Canaan: $24,167,710

Grace Property Holdings LLC: $20,124,710

Town Close Associates Limited Partnership: $20,043,800

Kathleen Tropin: $17,131,170

New Canaan Lumber Company: $15,475,180

Huguette Clark: $14, 791,280

Simon Edward Trustee: $13,195,210

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J.R. Silverberg Realty LLC: $12,797,890

721 North Wilton Road LLC: $10,412,990

Hatfield Mews Town House Owners Corporation: $9,184,000; 203-972-4413; @Woods_NCNews