James S. Lewkowicz, Jonathan Torres and Todd R. Darrell were all charged in relation to chimney scam May 18 at 12.30 p.m.

Homeowners on Sheridan Drive made an appointment to have their chimney cleaned with Chimney Corners, a company they've used previously, police said. Three men arrived at the residence and Lewkowicz, 38, identified himself as the manager of Chimney Corners. Lewkowicz, Torres, 26, and Darrell, 27, all inspected and cleaned the chimney. Then, Lewkowicz told the homeowners there were some repairs needed for the chimney and it would cost $2,600. Police said the three men had installed a liner into the chimney.

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After the three men left, the homeowners became suspicious and called Chimney Corners and found out they didn't send anybody to the residence. The homeowners immediately placed a stop payment on the check and called police. Lewkowicz, of Jefferson City, N.Y., called again asking why the check wasn't working police said. The homeowner told him there was an error and that he should return to the residence to get another check. When the three men returned, the police were waiting for them and took them into custody.

Each man was charged with illegal sales without a tax permit, craftsman work without a license, home improvement without a certificate, notices in sales agreement, second-degree criminal trover, second-degree reckless endangerment and criminal impersonation. Lewkowicz and Darrell, of Sound Beach, N.Y., were also charged with second-degree larceny while Torres, of Lake Grove, N.Y. and Darrell each received an additional charge of conspiracy.

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