I wanted to take this chance to inform our readers of what's to come in the following weeks. As is always the case, we're going to be releasing a "Winter Preview Edition" to give everyone a quick look at all New Canaan High School and Darien High School varsity teams.

But first things first: The No. 5-seeded New Canaan football team claimed a thrilling 27-26 win over New London to advance to the semifinals of the Class L State tournament.

We will certainly continue our coverage of the New Canaan football team, as the Rams now stand just two wins away from their fifth State title in the past six years. If Tuesday night's clash on the road against New London is any indication of what's to come, New Canaan is going to be a tough out.

However, it's not going to be an easy road for the Rams, as they will have to score a win against top-seeded and unbeaten Windsor (11-0) to advance to the title game. While it's difficult to rank non-FCIAC teams against New Canaan (in part because we don't see them as much as FCIAC teams), undefeated is undefeated, so Windsor undoubtedly represents a massive hurdle. Even so, we've seen the Rams win going away, we've seen them win in comeback fashion, we've seen them win with offense and we've seen them win with defense.

New Canaan knows how to win football games, and if they are indeed crowned State champs, they would have certainly earned it.

With that, it's on to the winter sports. The majority of teams at New Canaan High School and Darien High School started their practices on Dec. 1, so that's when we'll really get a feel for how all these teams stack up in the FCIAC.

The New Canaan boys basketball team is one of the few which is coming off of a losing season, but that makes them a team to watch, and a State playoff appearance isn't out of the question. The girls basketball team, meanwhile, is looking to build off its success in 2010-11 and could be a serious FCIAC title contender.

I'm especially looking forward to the start of hockey season. The New Canaan boys team was every bit as good as its one-loss record in 2010-11, and it will be interesting to see what they can do for an encore. The New Canaan girls team bordered on unstoppable last season, and only time will tell whether or not the Rams can maintain that level of dominance.

Between Dave Crandall, Andy Hutchison and myself, we've got all winter sports teams covered, and we're currently in the process of interviewing players and coaches and getting a general feel for the teams.

In this week's edition, we've included a preview of the New Canaan boys swim team. In a sense, it's a preview of our preview edition, which has a tentative release date of Dec. 16. Stay tuned.

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