Madeline MacAnka, owner of Bon Fleur Floral Boutique, recently asked herself what she could do to make the earth greener.

"Everywhere you turn there is information overload on ways to change your daily routine to be more green. On a global scale this information can be overwhelming, but I think we can start small, right here in New Canaan," MacAnka said.

For the floral industry, keeping the earth healthy is especially important, so Bon Fleur is launching a new effort, the "Green Vases" program. In return for bringing in and recycling three or more of our glass vases, customers will receive a 10 percent discount on a future visit.

"The `Green Vases' program is something small I can do," MacAnka said. "Small acts can add up to monumental results. Maybe this program will inspire someone else to do their part."

Another green idea is to bring in your own vase or decorative container when you are ordering a fresh or silk arrangement or plant basket.

"Many of our customers don't know that by bringing in one of their own containers, it allows us to use more of the budget on the actual flowers," said MacAnka. "So your arrangement will be all the more spectacular."

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Bringing in one of your own vases gives the arrangement a special touch and most people have vases or containers they can use. This is another way to help the environment by using less waste.