NEW CANAAN — New Canaan has hired an interim town planner to serve until the new First Selectman is elected in November.

At a meeting on Sept. 26, the Board of Selectmen approved the temporary hiring of Keisha Biggs Fink to serve as town planner and assist with planning and zoning projects.

Biggs Fink joins New Canaan from Westport where she previously worked as a town planner and land use coordinator. Before that, she worked in real estate and as a city planner in Carlsbad, California. She holds a masters certificate in urban and regional planning from the University of Central Florida.

“What drew me to New Canaan was the opportunity to serve a community with a similar dynamic to Westport,” she said. “There’s a lot of highly publicized developments. As town planners, we’re here to get through the process to ensure the plan works for the community.”

Biggs Fink said though New Canaan is a smaller community than Westport, she’s looking forward to working on some of the town’s high profile planning and zoning projects.

“There’s a lot of polarizing issues and projects people feel passionately about,” she said. “I think I bring a fresh perspective here to facilitate ongoing projects through to the end.”

Biggs Fink said the duration of her position depends on the direction of the new selectman who will be elected in November. She replaces Steve Palmer who stepped down as town planner on Sept. 15. Palmer also previously worked in Westport as a planning director.; @erin_kayata