After considering guidelines for the placement of awareness campaign ribbons at the last Board of Selectmen meeting, Town Administrator Tom Staddler returned to the Board this week with final guidelines, which were unanimously approved.

"There seems to be a consensus among quite a few people that the month-long period was too long," Staddler said. He recommended that awareness campaign materials, whether they include ribbons, balloons, etcetera, remain visible for a maximum time of two weeks.

Staddler said the ribbons would be limited to lamp posts on Elm and Main Street, resulting in about 50 possible structures.

"We went back and forth on where," he said. "We went all the way back from just the Moreno Clock, many thought that wasn't enough to meet great awareness. We went to just Elm Street and have come back. My personal favorite would be just doing Elm Street, but listening to others, the consensus was more Main and Elm. That would be about 50 lamp posts. There's roughly 25 lamp posts on each street. Essentially, the nuts and bolts of it is two weeks, lamp posts only, not on trees or other parking signs and stop signs."

The only change the Board of Selectmen officially made to Staddler's guidelines was to stress that only one awareness campaign was allowed to put up ribbons per month.

"I think there probably should only be one campaign per month," Selectman Mallozzi said, after Sally Hines discussed the mechanics of the two-week limit. "If we have it going two weeks with one charity and one well worthwhile event, fund or awareness campaign with another, then you're back to 30 days."

More Information

New guidelines for community awareness campaigns 1. Placement of ribbons, balloons, etc. (ribbons) must be approved by Board of Selectmen. Sample ribbons should be provided. 2. Ribbons must be for a New Canaan community-oriented awareness campaign. 3. Commercial ribbons and/or messages are not permitted. 4. Ribbons may be attached to ornamental lamp posts on Elm and Main Streets as follows: On Elm Street between Main and Park streets. On Main Street between Locust Avenue and Cherry Street. 5. Ribbons should be attached just above the bevel and below the donor recognition plaque on the lamp posts. 6. Ribbons may not be attached to trees, no-parking signs or stop signs. 7. Ribbons may be displayed for up to 14 days. 8. Only one awareness campaign is permitted in each calendar month. 9. Ribbons must be removed within 24 hours following the end of the campaign.