The Board of Selectmen has approved $7,000 to hire an engineering firm to come up with a design to improve pedestrian safety at the bustling intersection of Locust Avenue and state-administered Route 123.

Among the improvements sought would be new crosswalks across Route 123 on both sides of the intersection, and relocating pedestrian signal boxes to ease crossing between Locust Avenue and Brushy Ridge Road.

Lauren Cerretani, a resident of Locust, said the improvements would be a help, but still believes speeding along Summer Street, which feeds into Locust, also needs to be addressed.

The intersection is complicated and busy because Summer and River Street feed into Route 123, creating traffic from six different directions.

“We’ve been lucky but there are so many young families living in the area now it would be good if we found a way to make people slow down on Summer Street,” she said.

Tiger Mann, assistant public works director, said the state Office of State Traffic Administration is receptive to the changes.

The board also approved $77,244 on Monday to improve safety at Locust and Main Street adjacent to the New Canaan Thrift Shop and New Canaan Firehouse.

The project would include “bumping out” sidewalk curbing to shorten the crossing distance across Locust and Main along with new pedestrian crossing signals, Mann said.

First Selectman Rob Mallozzi III said addressing the safety issue at the crossing was long overdue.

The body also voted to approve acceptance of $375,000 in state local capital improvement program funds for a recently installed Public Works Radio Communications system and rebuilding a busy stretch of sidewalk from St. John’s Place to God’s Green Acre.