NEW CANAAN — A black bear was spotted ambling near downtown New Canaan by Park Place, an unusual sighting for the month of November.

While New Canaan Animal Control could not locate the bear after receiving a call from a couple who spotted it, they said the sighting was “100 percent credible” and it is possible the bear might have already left the area.

“They migrate,” animal control officer Allison Helm said. “They’re always looking for a new food source.”

This is the second black bear sighting in New Canaan this year, the first in late May when a bear got trapped in a fenced-in yard. Helm said she was surprised by the time of year with this second sighting, but urged residents to report any black bears to animal control.

“We do appreciate all sightings,” she said.

Helm also warned residents not to corner or intimidate a bear if spotted and to take bird feeders and other potential bear food sources inside overnight.

“They will eat anything, including garbage,” she said.; @erin_kayata