A 97-year-old female of Saint George Lane reported an attempted fraud Aug. 12 at 10:23 a.m.

The complainant received a phone call Aug. 10 from a man claiming he was from the New Haven Police Department. He told the victim her grandson was arrested, in jail and needed money to be bailed out. The man then put another younger person on the phone with the victim claiming to be her grandson while telling her to send $2,100. After the "grandson" returned the phone to the other male caller, the victim was told to send the money through Western Union to a female in Barcelona, Spain police said.

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The victim attempted to use Western Union but it did not work since there was not enough information for the woman in Barcelona. Afterwards, she called her grandson, who goes to school in New Haven, only to find that he was not arrested at all. The original male caller called the woman back Aug. 11 to find out if she had deposited the money. This time, the woman told him she knew it was a scam and the man hung up. No money was lost police said. The number the caller was using had an area code from Canada, according to police.

The matter is still under investigation.