New Canaan Police filed arrest warrants for Bernard McAllister, 40, of Lisben, and Mark Missino, 43, of Waterford, April 14 in connection with seven burglaries from January and September of 2010.

New Canaan police will charge McAllister and Missino with three counts of second-degree burglary, four counts of third-degree burglary, four counts of first-degree larceny, one count of second-degree larceny and two counts of third-degree larceny. McAllister and Missino are currently being held at the New Haven and MacDougall-Walker correctional facilities, respectively, on charges filed by the East Lyme Police Department. Police believe that these two individuals could be responsible for up to 90 burglaries around the state of Connecticut.

In New Canaan, the first four burglaries took place on Woodridge Circle, Bridle Path and Chichester Road the weekend of Jan. 15. Three more homes were hit Sept. 18 on and near Stonehenge Drive and Smith Ridge Road.

New Canaan, East Lyme and Greenwich police departments worked together to apprehend the two men after months of investigation using shoe patterns in the snow and cell phone tower information. Police found a storage facility in East Lyme that housed more than 10,000 pieces of stolen items. When police first found the storage facility, they encountered the two men breaking into a safe police believed they had stolen. Police said the men were able to escape at that time. Eventually they were recovered by Massachusetts authorities and brought back to Connecticut in November of 2010. Police said warrants took some time to get a hold of because processing 10,000 pieces of stolen property was an "enormous task."

Most of the items stolen from New Canaan victims included jewelry, though it was unclear how much of the stolen property would actually be found and returned.

New Canaan Police expect to process Missino and McAllister shortly and a $350,000 bond will be placed on both of them. Police said more charges from other departments are expected to come in shortly as well.

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