Editor’s note: Ann Lynch is the sister of Mark Lynch, who recently pleaded guilty to criminally negligent homicide and sales of narcotics in connection with his son Christopher’s death in September 2016. She asked to respond to recent articles published in New Canaan News. Quotes used in this response were taken from articles published by the New Canaan News.

I am Mark Lynch’s sister and I would like to clear up some misleading information that has been published in the media about him. It’s very difficult for us as a family to grieve the loss of Christopher and move on. It needs to stop.

Chris was a friendly, loving, generous young man. I miss him dearly.

Mark is a genuine, trusting, caring and loving brother, father, uncle and grandfather.

Their relationship was one based on love and an understanding that they shared among themselves. They had challenges, as all families do.

Mark resided with our parents and was their primary caregiver for many years until they both passed away, all while working a full-time job. He made sure they were comfortable, took their medications, prepared meals, did their laundry and tended to all of the household chores that come along with daily living.

He always found time for Christopher and Shannon during this time. A very devoted father, he loves them both tremendously.

Christopher at 18 was left with no home, no job, newly graduated from high school. His only support was his father and his sister; thankfully Chris’ sister took him in.

Chris was sent to a rehab in Florida to attempt to address his drug addiction in 2011. Mark was in full support both financially and emotionally and was very instrumental in the organization of the process. Christopher did well and after he moved to Colorado to be with his mother.

He decided to return to Connecticut as the love of his life lived here and he wanted to be with her.

The rest was a sad and tragic event that took place and there is no amount of “clearing of the air” that will take that truth away.

Christopher was responsible for his actions.

Reading tabloid headlines and the contents is troubling to me. One headline read “New Canaan dad pleads guilty in son’s overdose death.” The one thing that Mark is truly guilty of is loving his son. In addition to, “Every time he slides in and out of court, it’s like it’s not important,” she said. (Pam Bacco) “He wouldn’t take him to school, he wouldn’t take him to doctor’s appointments.”

I know Mark does not slide in and out court. He is mourning his son every moment.

Mark was working 6 a.m. until dinner time; it was too early to take Chris to school. It’s not that he wouldn’t! He was very attentive to his children.

The only victim here is Christopher, a victim of a drug addiction that he just could not overcome.

The addiction that is ravaging our society today. The addiction that led Christopher to that fatal last intake all knowing that what he already had in his system, he just needed more.

Mark is mourning his son every moment. He has taken full responsibility for his actions and he will live with that every day of his life.

“It’s been really hard,” she said (Pam Bacco). “I get the feeling he (Mark Lynch) is running the show.”

Mark is not running the show ... what a strange comment. The facts of the case are being uncovered and the time is being spent piecing together details that will eventually bring out the truth.

No one can ever take away the pain of losing a child and one always wants to point blame in difficult times like these. There is no single blame here, there is no one in charge here — a very sad and tragic case about another young life struggling with addiction who had his own story, sadly one he is not able to tell.

“Mark’s guilty plea to negligent homicide is more consistent with what took place than the original charge of manslaughter second-degree,” Lynch’s defense attorney, Matthew Maddox, said.

Please let Chris rest peacefully.